Bear Grass


Scientific Name: Nolina microcarpa

Common Name: Bear Grass

Family: Asparagaceae

Duration: Perennial

Size: Up to 6 feet more or less.

Growth Form: Shrub, subshrub; plants with Yucca-like growth; plants erect to spreading; acaulescent; large woody caudex; forms clumps up to 6½ feet in diameter; plant variation can be substantial.

Leaves: Green; grass-like, narrow linear leaves from a basal rosette, leaves to 3 or 4 long, about ¼ to ½ inch wide, fibrous, wiry, thick; margins mostly serrulate.

Flower Color: White; flowers in dense open clusters; sepals and petals similar in size and shape and           collectively known as (tepals); inflorescence paniculate;  flowers dioecious; fruit a 3-sided capsule.

Flowering Season: May to June or later.

Threatened/Endangered Information: In North   America Nolina microcarpa is listed as "Salvage         Restricted, Harvest Restricted"; by the state of Arizona.

Comments: The species is dioecious, with male and female flowers on separate plants; occasionally there are flowers with both male and female parts functional.