Canyon Ragweed


Scientific Name: Ambrosia ambrosioides

Common Name: Canyon Ragweed

Family: Asteraceae, Sunflower Family

 Duration: Perennial.

Size: Up to 6 feet.

Growth Form: Subshrub, shrub; tall, erect to   sprawling, multiple stems, bristly white hairs, stems reddish-brown.

Leaves: Dark green; up to 8 inch, petiolate, mostly alternate, lanceolate or narrowly triangular; margins sharply toothed, hairy and sticky.

Flower Color: Dull yellow or yellowish-green;        inconspicuous, male and female flowers;                 inflorescence a spike on terminal or lateral flower heads, fruit is a small fusiform burr with spines and hooks.

Flowering Season: March to May.

Comments: Distinctive smell helps to distinguish this plant in season with its sweet odor, along with the large toothed and very green leaves.