Scientific Name: Lycium fremontii

Common Name: Wolfberry, Tomatillo
Family: Solanaceae, Nightshade Family

Duration: Perennial
Size: Up to 10 feet or so.
Growth Form: A robust woody shrub with fleshy leaves. Intricately branched and densely leafy if there has been recent precipitation. This shrub has thorns, but they are not particularly sharp.
Leaves: Leaves are spatulate (spoon-shaped) and rather thick and fleshy. The leaves often appear fascicled.
Flower Color: Light to darker purple/lavender. Tubular-funnelform flowers with five points are larger than most of the other Sonoran Desert Lyciums. The flowers are very attractive to both bees and hummingbirds. Flowering Season: Flowers most of the year.

Comments: Bright red juicy berries with a number of seeds are edible and sweet. Attracts many birds and butterflies.