Goodings Verbena


Scientific Name: Glandularia gooddingii

Common Name: Goodding’s Verbena
Family: Verbenaceae, Verbena family

Duration: Annual or Perennial

Size: Up to 1 foot

Growth Form: Herb/Forb; stems several from a common base, branched, densely hairy and glandular.

Leaves: The leaves are green, toothed, softly hairy, triangular in shape, and either 3 to 5-lobed or pinnately dissected. The stems are square and hairy.

Flower Color: Purple and showy. The flowers are in clusters at the stem tips. The individual flowers are tubular, 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) wide, and have 5 notched lobes and a corolla tube slightly longer than the calyx.

Flowering Season: April thru June.

Comments: It is an ideal ground cover for hot, dry banks. Flowers are showy.