Rock Penstemon


Scientific Name: Penstemon baccharifolius

Common Name: Rock Penstemon
Family: Plantaginaceae, Plantain Family

Duration: Perennial
Size: 12 to 18 inches
Growth Form: Shrub, subshrub; Low evergreen shrub or herbaceous perennial. Densely branched herbaceous growth which becomes woody at its base. It may be erect or somewhat sprawling.

Leaves: Dark-green leaves are thick and toothed, and sometimes are quite hairy, almost succulent.
Flower Color: Clustered spikes of cherry-red, tubular flowers line the 1-1 1/2 ft. stalks.

Flowering Season: June thru September

Comments: Grow in sun to part shade.  Its low, tight habit makes it a desirable rock garden plant. Special value for native bees and attracts hummingbirds.