Stickleaf, Blazing Star

blazing star

Scientific Name: Mentzelia species

Common Name: Stickleaf, Blazing Star

Family: Loasaceae or Blazingstar Family
Duration: Annual or Perennial
Size: 16 inches or so
Growth Form: Forb/herb; stems slender, glabrous or with short hairs, plants erect bur mostly decumbent.
Leaves: sessile (including those with blades narrowing gradually to the base) or distinctly petiolate; blades linear, lanceolate to elliptic, ovate or oblanceolate; margins dentate to pinnately lobed, sometimes crenate or entire.
Flower Color: White to yellow to orange on terminating branches. Flowers vary with species.

Flowering Season: February to June.

Comments: Arizona has 28 species of genus Mentzelia.