Architectural Review Process


The Architectural Review process requires collaboration between the owner, architect, builder, and our Architectural Review Team. The process starts by fully completing the Architectural Review Application

There are four stages of the process: Pre-design, Concept, Preliminary Design, and Final Design. The first step is a Pre-design meeting with the owner's Architect & the Association’s Architect.  The goal of this meeting is to provide an efficient foundation for the owner's Architect while setting expectations for the entire process. 

Click here for a printable outline of the process.

The next steps; Concept, Preliminary & Final Design require participants to schedule & attend the bi-monthly Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meeting where voting members review and provide guidance based on the Architectural Review Guidelines. Participants shall leave each meeting with further direction for their design and receive an "Approved", "Approved with Stipulations", "Revise & Resubmit" or "Tabled" vote followed with a written report within 30 business days.  

All requirements/applications for the above submittals are to be sent electronically (no hardcopies) to our Architectural Review Team via email or Dropbox.  Required applications are viewable here.  

After the ARC’s final approval and verification of the NAOS dedication a pre-construction meeting between the owners' vendors and the Architectural Review Manager will ensue.  This formality sets the tone for the building process with discussions about the construction of an on-site sample material wall (due with 120 days & voted on by the ARC), required Certifications (As-Builts, Finished Floor, Height, Setbacks, Seed & Paint/Roof colors) various inspections, gateaccess, field changes and answering any questions. 

We truly are here for you and look forward to watching your vision become a Home!